65daysofstatic – One Time For All Time (CD)


The opening track of “One Time For all Time” is “Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here”, and what 65days ofstatic do during this track is recall all the sounds of acts like Plastikman and Aphex Twin in creating an electronic track that has more than its fair share in industrial noise to it. Individuals that may not be intimately familiar with 65daysofstatic will be amazed at the beauty of this ugly-sounding track. The synthesizer lines that are in the background for “Drove Through Ghosts” provide the most harmony, but something has to be said about the arrangements present during the rest of the track. The much more sedate “Await Rescue” gives individuals another way to look at 65daysofstatic, as this track has a very Sunny Day Real Estate sound to it, even if the band still has a heavy amount of electronic and industrial influence painting their output.

However dissonant 65daysofstatic may get during their “One Time For All Time”, the fact is that the band never sounds puerile or seem to be working below their ability. The band can shift from slow to fast and back again in the shortest period of time; 65daysofstatic have only cut one album before this, but their overall sound is more mature than acts that have been around longer than they have. While the electronic basis for their tracks appears and disappears at times during “One Time For All Time”, 65daysofstatic have a common element to all nine of their tracks in that the band creates the most intense and furious music that they can, regardless of however the tracks might turn out.

American audiences may have had to wait for a year to get this album, but I have little doubt that they will be amazed at what 65daysofstatic can come up with. 65daysofstatic may just be one of the only acts that can craft a wholly instrumental album and have it be at least somewhat accessible to the normal listening community. At over thirty-five minutes, the chances that the act could not provide enough variation in their music to ensnare listeners is high,; but 65daysofstatic has more than enough in the way of ability to create an album that even the younger fans can find something they like in. Hell, “Mean Low Water” could be a dance track if 65daysofstatic sent it out to clubs, that’s how wide their sound can be given the right circumstances.

Top Tracks: Mean Low Water, The Big Afraid

Rating: 7.7/10

65daysofstatic – One Time For All Time / 2006 Monotreme / 10 Tracks / http://www.65daysofstatic.com / http://www.monotremerecords.com / Reviewed 12 November 2006


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