Bullhead (DVD)


Bullhead is a film that possesses an utterly untouchable plot, one in which cattle owner Jacky (Mattias Schoenaerts) ties eirself into the mafia through down and dirty dealings. There is substantial plot progression to be had during Bullhead, as viewers will learn about Jacky’s past and present, while the ramifications for eir future rapidly turn into a noose.

Each of the characters that are present in Bullhead have their own foibles, and I believe that this is the reason that the film is able to shine. Viewers will be able to identify with the motivations and desires of each character but can easily understand that they possess certain dark sides. The varied approach to providing Jacky’s backstory is done in a very natural and organic way. In much the same way as actually meeting a person and becoming their friend, Bullhead feeds its viewers bits and pieces of information and allows them to fill in the pieces.

Image Entertainment has added a number of features to the Bullhead DVD. We were particularly fond of the “Making of” feature, which got into the nitty gritty about the nuances that set Bullhead off from other titles. The commentary that was laid down by director Michael R. Roskam provides viewers with an additional context in which to enjoy the film, while the interview conducted with Roskam allows for a more in-depth discussion of the trends and themes that are presented here. Give yourself a few minutes to watch The One Thing to Do, a 2005 short film that represented an earlier Schoenaerts and Roskam effort. Roskam’s ability as a director has increased substantially from this title, which is no slouch.

Rating: 8.3/10


Bullhead (DVD) / 2012 Image Entertainment / 124 Minutes / http://www.image-entertainment.com

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