FallsStart — Our Summer EP (CD)

Heir to the Throne is the initial track on the Our Summer EP, and it provides a solid blend of alt-rock with punk and hard rock. Hints of Yellowcard can be heard alongside Unwritten Law, while there is an instrumental intensity present that makes this introductory salvo a must-listen. The band is able to foster momentum that will keep listeners focused in through all 6 tracks of this release. Carnivale is a perfectly named track as the overall blend of funk and rock calls forth the work of 311 and New Found Glory.

A thread begins to be weaved during this track as well; the heavy crunch of the guitars and drums ensures that each track can appease even those listeners that would be normally into harder acts. Greed is a track with a laser-like focus. The overall bile spewed in the vocals will find a home in the hearts of anyone that has been spurned by love in the past. The guitars do a great job of matching this emotional turmoil, while the drums assume the role of bruised heart.

Few acts are able to create a track in which all sides contribute to the narrative, and FallsStart are able to include this track alongside singles, a move that solidifies the quality of the disc. Glass is the final track on Our Summer, and it gives listeners a decidedly different side to the band. While the same frenetic energy comes to pass, I believe that the slightly slower style that the band creates speaks volumes for where they could conceivably go in the future. Make any effort that you can to see FallsStart live; they amaze on their studio release and I’m sure they will in a live setting.

Top Tracks: Heir to the Throne, Our Summer

Rating: 8.7/10

FallsStart — Our Summer EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 6 Tracks / http://www.fallsstart.com/

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