Heelys Helix Skate Shoes 7761


Another of our reviewers was able to review Heelys a few months back. We were able to procure a sample of the male version of the shoes. Call it fate or just good marketing, but we received a pair that had the Kent State (blue / yellow) colors. I was able to test the shoes out and can report that they are incredibly versatile.

The comfort level of the Heelys that we received is considerable. The reinforced bottom that contains the wheel provides support, while the material used for the top side of the shoe ensures a close fit without rubbing or other wear. Even with the close skate shoe fit, one’s feet will remain cool. When we have reviewed other skate shoes, they have been absolute murder come the dog days of summer. No matter the miles that one has to walk in a pair of Heelys, one will be able to remain comfortable throughout.

The cost of a pair of Heelys is small (one can pick up a pair from their store for $55-60) and the build quality is substantial enough that one will be able to wear them for a few years before giving up the ghost. The ability to skate through a store or campus hall is exhilarating, and there is no detriment to walking when the situation commands it. With the number of different styles and colors, there will be a pair of Heelys that match you, your wardrobe, and will be a memorable part of any outfit that may be worn. Heelys are not only for children anymore; just make sure that you get a few moments to explore the wheeled aspect of the shoes.

Rating: 8.5/10


Heelys Helix Skate Shoes 7761 / http://shop.heelys.com

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