In alliance with Terrible Records (Twin Shadow, Chairlift) of the United States of America and Siberia Records (Midnight Juggernauts) in his home state of Australia, Kirin J Callinan returns with the brand new 7-inch single ‘W II W’ (Way to War). Taken from his forthcoming full-length album, W II W’ launches with an amazing gif-laden video by acclaimed director Kris Moyes (The Rapture, Cut Copy, Beck) and an east coast Australian tour this June (dates below).
“W II W” is a synesthetic joyride to the frontline – voice, guitar and other machines painting the sonic image of war. All napalm, machine guns and loneliness, choppers and tracer bullets; you could be running for your life or gasping for your last breath. It’s perverted, raw and fun, and it’s the first single from Kirin J Callinan’s forthcoming debut solo album.

“W II W” and its accompanying B-side “Thighs” – the thematically related, lustful and deluded tale of a sexual predator – will be released on 7-inch vinyl on July 31 (Digital June 19)

W II W succeeds Kirin’s critically acclaimed 7-inch EP She, described by Mess + Noise as a “slow burning desert love song, all tumbleweed and condemned, rusted petrol stations.” A handful of split cassette and flexi-disk releases with industrial minimal synth duo Forces; and Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders’ 2012 Australian Music Prize nominated and critically confused album Hurtsville.


Early one morning, some months ago, Kirin half awoke, laughing aloud, recalling a scene from a dream or astral projection he had just been enjoying.

I had been sittin’ ’round a small table, a tacky red and white checked tablecloth draped over it. I was accompanied by two men. One was of them was Chris Taylor, of Grizzly Bear fame, whom I had recently met when he was in Australia. The other man was, at the time, unrecognisable and unknown to me, though would, in time, reveal himself to be Ethan Silverman of Terrible Records, Chris’ label buddy, whom I had never met.

Sitting there together, we were all mispronouncing the names of the mostly French meals on the gourmet menu: ‘Cock-Au-Vin’, ‘Bull-A-Baise’, ‘Rat-A-Touile’, ‘Es-Car-Gots’. I decided we should keep it simple. We ordered one Kraft Single each, and it was delicious.
Coming to my senses, 5.23am, I knew what I had to do. I had to craft a single for Terrible Records.”

Performing with a full live band, Kirin J Callinan will launch the W II W 7-inch at:

Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on Thursday 21 June,

Goodgod Small Club in Sydney on Friday 22 June, and

The Tote in Melbourne on Thursday 28 June.




Tickets to all shows are on-sale now from

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