Michael (DVD)


Michael is one messed up type of film. This film surrounds the titular character, who is currently holding a prepubescent child in eir basement. This is a far cry from eir life as an insurance salesman. The time period captured in this film is substantial – five months in total – and the relationship between Michael and Wolfgang (David Rauchenberger) is explored in considerable detail. The pedophilic relationship between the two is done as tastefully as it can be, with Michael assuming a father role throughout the flick.

I believe that Michael is a rare example of a film that provides the psychological profile of both of its main characters. There is a sense that the relationship has been cultivated to the point that even if Wolfgang could leave, that ey may not want to; one will eagerly anticipate the moment when Michael’s sick life will fall down around eir. I believe that the stark environments of Michael are coupled with the sheer lack of dialogue through long tracks of the title to make a reality that is much more chilling than even the goriest films.

Michael has a stellar video transfer and a similarly strong audio track. The film was originally filmed in the German language, and has a spot-on translation provided via subtitles. Keep an eye out on the Strand website for a listing of the films that they will be releasing through the end of 2012 and beyond.

Rating: 8.3/10

Michael (DVD) / 2012 Strand Releasing / 96 Minutes / http://www.strandreleasing.com

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