Skye – Good Boys Don’t (CD)

The one thing that individuals should immediately hear about Skye’s CD is the professional production that begins “Good Boys Don’t”. The vocals style is not anything that can be immediately derived from other sources, but there are hints of influence to Alanis Morrisette and Christian Aguilera, with hints of Pink and Kelly Clarkson thrown in. The track is something that could be on pop radio, and “Good Boys Don’t” is perhaps the best introduction to Skye that could be created for this album.

The slightly slower tempo of “Desperately Waiting” gives individuals a different way to look at Skye, and while the overall sound is similar to “Good Boys Don’t”, the two tracks are miles apart. Again, the instrumentation is solid and actually fits the vocals that it is supposed to accompany it. There is little in the way of things that would need to be changed here for Skye to succeed any more than ey has at this point. “Fine Tonight” is the third track on the disc, and it combines elements of the previous two tracks while incorporating a harder style that has the most in common with early Breeders than anything else. The only thing that individuals could conceivably raise as a concern during “Fine Tonight” is that the singing style does not allow individuals to understand every singly word that Skye is singing. However, this is a most minor complaint that can be levied.

“From Below” is another expansion in Skye’s sound. The track has the harder sound of “Fine Tonight”, while using the slower style of “Desperately Waiting”, allowing for “From Below” to forge forward in the creation of a completely new style. While individuals may not be fans of this particular genre of music, the fact is that this EP shows Skye as a singer that is extremely capable both of singing and of getting intelligent individuals backing eir and providing support in all the right places. “Hope It Helps” is perhaps the pinnacle of Skye’s music on this EP, as the singing part of this track contains a harmony that surpasses that presented on any other track. While it seems like the creation of most pop stars in the current moment are through the American Idol conduit, Skye has the chops to make it to the next level if the right individual hears eir and offers eir a contract. Here’s to hoping this precisely happens.

Top Tracks: From Below, Hope It Helps

Rating: 6.9/10
Skye – Good Boys Don’t / 2006 Self / 7 Tracks / Reviewed 14 December 2006

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