Slow Runner – No Disassemble (CD)


The style of electronic-infused indie rock put forth by Slow Runner reminds listeners of The Anniversary and The Red Hot Valentines. Essentially, Slow Runner would have fit in perfectly with the band scene as of 2000”Break Your Mama’s Back”, the track that opens up the disc is something that is more than just a smart rock song, but something that also is deep in regards to the arrangements that Slow Runner associate with it.

The interesting thing about “The Sea is Never Full” is that Slow Runner tie “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas” with a deadpan-delivered track. The sly vocals present during the track float in and out of the periphery of listeners. The synthesizers present during the track provide even more of an atmosphere than they did during “Break Your Mama’s Back”. The epic nature of the ending of “The Sea is Never Full” puts Slow Runner alongside rock bands such as Guns N Roses and Mr. Big. Each track on “No Disassemble” changes Slow Runner’s sound slightly, as “Everything is Exactly As It Seems” brings the band into a very Ben Folds-type of sound.

At some point, the album is constant in that all of the songs that Slow Runner commit to disc are radio-friendly and pop-infused. The songs may succeed at different levels, but Slow Runner has a goal in mind when they start placing the tracks onto “No Disassemble”. At some point, individuals could place on “No Disassemble” at a party and individuals would not be sure whether this was one than one act creating the music on the disc. The diversity that Slow Runner shows on this disc is perhaps their strongest suit. Without much in the way of weak tracks to be found on this disc, individuals should feel confident in picking up the album regardless of where their influences lie. The band only needs a few tracks to convince their listeners that they are for real; Slow Runner is not slow when it comes to bringing in listeners to their flock. The tracks individuals may take individuals a few seconds to get into, but after Slow Runner puts their hooks into listeners, there is little chance that they can be removed. The band has came out of nowhere and to see them come out with such a strong album out of the gates bodes well for the state of music, especially if there are a few more Slow Runners out bubbling underneath the surface.

Top Tracks: Happy, Break Your Mama’s Back

Rating: 6.0/10

Slow Runner – No Disassemble / 2006 Red Ink / 12 Tracks / / Reviewed 26 May 2006


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