sMALLTIME Interview

Who are you and how long have you been active?


Danny Van – Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar

Kenny Goorabian – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Steve Clayton – Bass guitar and backing vocals

Dusty Slaybaugh – Drums

We’ve been together about 2 years

What’s your recording setup? How does a track move from initial thought to finished effort?

Well this project we recorded in a old church with producer Nate Howell

Everybody has a different formula for writing.  For us, right now?… It always changes. The formula seems to be someone bringing the skeleton of a song to rehearsal; a hook, a chorus and verse or something, and the rest of us give it a tumble to see if it’s worth spending time on.  Those are exciting moments. Whatever you bring to the table may materialize into a wonderful song you never imagined it could be or flat line and die right before your very eyes. Very exciting indeed!

How does your faith factor into your music?

In every way.  It’s what we believe and know, so it’s what we write about. If you don’t happen to believe in what we sing about, that’s cool, but we hope you can still enjoy the music.  I mean people listen to and like songs with a message they don’t maybe believe in all the time. If AC/DC comes on the radio I have to listen because they’re a great rock band with a lot of passion.  I’ll listen to any music that is performed passionately.   All of us in the band love those great rock songs that stand the test of time and remain musically relevant.  That’s what we try to write.  We try to be as honest as we can and write what we believe passionately.  

What things (music, art, movies) are important in influencing you creatively?

Well like I said before those (music, art, movies) that can’t be pigeon-holed into an era, and that are as good now as when they were first conceived.

On any Youtube video, there are countless genres thrown around for any song. How does that help or hurt music and musicians, and what genre(s) would your music fall into?

The best part of the music industry today is that virtually anyone can record a CD and get it out there.  The worst part about the music industry today is that virtually anyone can record a CD and get it out there.  The market is saturated with good and unfortunately, in my opinion, not so good stuff. But it does make life very exciting to say the least.  We’re just trying to be an honest rock band and we hope people hear that in our music.     

How do you feel things are different between parts of the United States?

I think the only difference is access to new live music.  In the cities there are more venues where bands can play and in the rural areas not as many opportunities.  In these smaller markets they seem to appreciate and support live music more, but that’s just my opinion.

Musicians usually talk about a dream concert, or those earlier acts they would like to play with. What would be your dream lineup?

Love to open for the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Traveling Wilburys and Janis Joplin.

We’ve heard and seen some crazy things at concerts; what incredible or crazy times have you had on the road?

We’ve all been on the road at various times with various other bands but haven’t had the opportunity to hit the road with sMALLTIME yet just regional gigs.  We’re looking forward to that chapter.  

What does the rest of 2012 hold for you, and how can readers connect with you and your music?

We continue to promote our EP “sMALLTIME” and play out as much as we can.  We want to get the message of our music to anyone who will listen.  The message is, and always will be our focus.  If you’d like more info about us you can go to . There you can find links that will take you to our music and everything sMALLTIME.


Any other thoughts for NeuFutur readers?

Just that we’re trying to be as honest and passionate about the music we love and we so appreciate your support

How can people contact you?!/sMALLTIMEROCK


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