The Chorderoys – No Man’s Land (EP)

This is one of the few EPs that we have had the opportunity to review that showcases the variety of different sides to a band. Where there are introductory efforts that are typically presented to listeners, the five cuts on No Man’s Land provide listeners with a sense of what each member brings to the table, how these different influences and styles interact, and where the band may take listeners on efforts to come.

High Horse is a high-energy track that links together the works of Kansas and The Outlaws, with a set of guitar links that would make Santana blush. Docile Girl is a more intricate and is slower to start. I believe the emotive intensity of the track will have listeners on the edges of their seat; despite its slower keel, I believe that the track builds upon the solid instrumentation of High Horse. Ghost Town is the final effort on No Man’s Land and ties together nicely the quicker and slower strains of The Chorderoys. I believe that the band is able to make hay with this EP and create a fan out of anyone that listens in. The styles in which the band is versed may be older, but they are refreshed through the tremendous effort put into each second. The Chorderoys may sound like they belong on vinyl, but they speak volumes to current audiences.

I’m excited to hear more from The Chorderoys as they continue to mature as a band. Make any opportunity that you can to see the band live, as there is a vibrancy and intensity present in these tracks that would translate beautifully to the live setting. Buy a copy of the No Man’s Land EP from

Top Tracks: The Train, No Prayin Man

Rating: 8.0/10

The Chorderoys – No Man’s Land (EP) / 2012 Self / 5 Tracks /

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