Young Man – Volume 1 (CD)


Three years is not a long time to evolve and become a well-rounded musician. Colin Caulfield begin working on eir career then, and Volume 1 represents eir second full-length title. There are 9 tracks on Volume 1 and each provides listeners with a distinct side of Caulfield and eir band. Taken together, they are a cohesive entity and a hell of an album. Volume 1 begins with Header, a track that slowly provides listeners with a sense of where the band will go on the balance of tracks. There is a sense that the narrator’s life is a meandering one, a thought that is further bolstered through Wasted and Wandering. The title ends with Directions, a cut that feels a little more focused and tangible than what has preceded it. This final effort ties together what Young Man has presented listeners along with the potential paths that the act can take in the months and years to come.

Young Man is looking to release another full-length album in the space of the next few months; here’s to hoping that the styles and unique touches provided this work are carried over to these other titles. I want to hear Young Man live, as I believe that there is a certain soul that has not been captured in the studio format. Regardless of whether the audience makes a peep, there is a certain call and response that just begs to be presented live. Volume 1 is a tremendous introduction to Young Man for those that have not had a chance to check them out yet, while it provides a perfect expansion to the original set of recordings that made it onto the EP.

Top Tracks: By and By, Heading

Rating: 8.2/10

Young Man – Volume 1 (CD) / 2012 Frenchkiss Records / 9 Tracks / /

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