1.M.R (Pre-Workout)


BPI has just reformulated their 1.M.R, and provide all with an intense pre-workout supplement.  The supplement has negligible calories (6), carbs (1.5 grams), and ensures that one can blast through their workout without feeling any jitters or experiencing any sort of crash. Rather, one will be given the energy that they need to push their workout to the next level through the unique and proprietary complex that BPI has created. 1.M.R works when one wants it to work; one can easily make the transition from utterly bestial workout to class, work, or any other activity.

This means that there is Beta-Alanine, AAKG, Taurine, and Caffeine put forth as the lead compounds; these are bolstered in efficacy through the inclusion of a vast array of herbs that have been shown to increase blood flow, energy, and focus. The research that BPI has done in the formulation of 1.M.R is bleeding-edge; the inclusion of Citrus sinesis, Adhatoda vasica, and Zingiber officinale puts them head and shoulders above other efforts in the market. When I was supplementing with 1.M.R, I was able to increase 10-25 pounds on all aspects of my 5×5 workout. The recovery time seemed to be shorter due to the inclusion of L-Tyrosine.

The flavoring is reminiscent of Kool-aid and goes down easily, while the dosing (5 grams, or one scoop) ensures that each jug will last through a full month worth of workout. Make sure to check out the BPI Sports’ website and add their Facebook for a description of the different products that they will be releasing through the end of 2012; their wide array of products will allow for a stack to break plateaus and achieve whatever goals that one may have.

Rating: 9.2/10

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