Bacardi Black Razz | Wolf Berry (Rum)


There are a number of different flavors that work well with rum. However, I was unaware that a black raspberry flavor would fit with the spices and hints of molasses that come through with each sip. Bacardi has released their Black Razz flavor, which marries the two disparate styles. What results is something ultimately drinkable and incredibly versatile. The subtle hints of raspberry go far beyond the flavoring that marks many flavored spirits and feels as if the fruit had steeped in it. I believe the nuanced flavor of the Black Razz makes for a perfect sipping spirit. The 70 proof iteration of this spirit provides an ample kick for those that are used to shots at the bar, while providing further nuance for those that wish to sip the Black Razz on the rocks.

Make sure to check out the Black Razz and Bacardi’s other new effort, Wolf Berry (Blueberry). Bacardi Wolf Berry is a little more assertive than the Black Razz. This means that the resulting spirit will have notes of the fruits work alongside every facet of the rum, from the initial sip all the way down. I believe that the Wolf Berry would shine brightest in mixed drinks, as the more fruit-based flavor of the spirit will make for interesting interactions with a rum and Coke or a Long Island Iced Tea.

Individuals can purchase these two new additions to the Bacardi line at any location at which you can purchase spirits. Make sure to buy a bottle today, as these spirits may have limited availability.

Rating: 9.0/10

Bacardi Black Razz | Wolf Berry (Rum) /

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