Cane and Abe Freshwater Rum


Cane and Abe is one of the finest rums that we have had the chance to review this year. The bouquet of Cane and Abe is very floral and will draw individuals in to the spirit. There is a complexity to this Freshwater Rum that will have imbibers finding something new each time they take a sip. Hints of brown sugar mix in nicely with a slight burn going down; the experience ends with notes of maple syrup along with the aforementioned floral notes.

While the Cane and Abe does a great job on the rocks or done as a shot, I feel that it is not bold enough to overpower the other inclusions into a mixed drink. The classic rum and coke provides the perfect balance of sweet and strong, while the eclectic Long Island iced Tea seems absolutely stellar when one includes the Cane and Abe.

I believe that Cane and Abe is incredibly versatile and individuals can do well to include this in their liquor cabinet. If rum is not your thing, check out their website and see their other efforts. We’ll be keeping an eye on Madison Distillery. At $36 a bottle, Cane and Abe is easily able to hang with some of the biggest (and best) names in rum. Cane and Abe is a favorite at NeuFutur Headquarters, and is one of the few bottles to go from full to empty in the space of a night. There is a unique style and flair to Cane and Abe that makes it work perfectly no matter how one intends to use it. Make sure to pick up a bottle and get your local distributor to start carrying it.

Rating: 9.0/10

Cane and Abe Freshwater Rum / 80 Proof / Old Sugar Distillery

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