Casa de mi Padre (DVD)


It has been a few years since Will Ferrill has created a new bit of absurdity for friends. I believe that the wait has allowed for Casa de mi Padre, eir latest, to change the world just as much as Talladega Nights or Anchorman. In this story, Ferrell (playing here as Armando) is the heir to a Mexican ranch owner. When eir father dies, every part of Armando’s life begins to fail. Gael Garcia Bernal takes a turn as a drug lord and the film’s antagonist. The placement of the majority of the film into Spanish language (with English subtitles) will aid an air of authority to the title.

The film works both as a drama and a comedy; the craziness that occurs during the 84 minutes of the film can be taken in a variety of fashions. The love interest placed into the film further fleshes out Casa de mi Padre, and is an addition that anyone that is familiar with Spanish cinema will appreciate. The capable cast is a veritable who’s who of actors on both sides of the border, including Diego Luna and Pedro Armendariz Jr. fleshing out the group.

Lionsgate has added a number of different features to the Casa de mi Padre release. This means that Ferrell lays down a hilarious audio commentary alongside director Matt Piedmont and writer Andrew Steele. The full music video for Fight for Love is contained here, while a hefty set of deleted scenes add further to the drama and humor in the title. Casa de mi Padre is a must-buy for anyone that fancies themselves to be a Ferrell fan or for Spanish telenovelas.

Rating: 8.7/10

Casa de mi Padre (DVD) / 2012 Lionsgate / 84 Minutes /

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