Deserter (DVD)


Deserter is a wonderful look into the early career of Tom Hardy. Director Martin Huberty puts Hardy into the role of Pascal Dupont, a member of the Foreign Legion. The war may be going on during Deserter, but the intensely personal nature of Dupont’s interactions with the rest of eir platoon provides the true intensity of the title. Paul Fox’s Simon Murray is the perfect foil for Dupont; the relationship that is established by the two soldiers showcases how true dedication can keep individuals sane and happy through the trauma of war. The title is set during the Algerian struggle for independence; Huberty transfers viewers back to this period through a strong focus on costuming and dialogue.

Inception’s release of Deserter is spot-on, with a sharpness present in the DVD that allows every change of scenery and bit of dialogue to be crisply captured. The audio track is similarly strong, allowing viewers to pick up every line.

Despite the age of the film, I believe that the story that is told will touch viewers. I feel that the re-cutting of the film by Huberty makes for a stronger overall effort. Deserter is a title that anyone that is a fan of Tom Hardy or of war films should pick up. The title looks to shake up what one expects from a war-time title, and I feel that the inclusion of capable actors like Hardy and Paul Fox does much to do just that. Check out the Inception Media website for information about their current titles.

Rating: 8.5/10

Deserter (DVD) / 2012 Inception Media Group / 95 Minutes /

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