Eclectic Mayhem – Eclectic Mayhem (CD)

Again is a brutally forward bit of rock music, and it immediately throws listeners in to the unique style of Eclectic Mayhem. The band is able to create a stable foundation from the onset of this track, ratcheting up the energy until the vocals kick things into a high gear. Whether it be Tool, Jet, or Monster Magnet, the influences that Eclectic Mayhem place here are stellar. Want It All is a slower track, and is an important inclusion as it provides a decidedly different facet to the band. Perhaps the most interesting inclusion on Want It All has to be the harmonies achieved by the vocal. These vocals do more than provide the narration for the track; they provide an additional layer to an already dense track. Takin’ Time has a trippier feel to it, which will remind listeners of psychedelic and alt-rock genres. Eclectic Mayhem lives up to their name with this track, as the time signatures that are dominant here change at the drop of a pin. The ability of the band to make it all work should show that they are at the head of their class.

Bender further distinguishes Eclectic Mayhem as a band that challenges all conception. Hints of country and western blend with grunge to make something substantially different than what has been committed to disc. Eclectic Mayhem make a cohesive effort on their self-titled album, but the disparate styles and genres broached here allow for each track to stand on its own. Make it a point to pick up a copy of this effort and see whenever the band stops around you; I feel that the visceral feeling of this title will be much more present in a live format. Keep an ear to the ground for anything else that the band may cut in the months and years to come.

Top Tracks: Want It All, Let You Down

Rating: 8.7/10

Eclectic Mayhem – Eclectic Mayhem (CD) / 2012 Self / 12 Tracks /

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