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Matt Gold is an artist of many talents.  Singer, songwriter, photographer, and former professional model, Matt’s creativity shines through in all that he does.  Influenced by artists such as Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Radiohead, Matt’s piano-vocal combo has enabled him to create a coffee shop niche in his home town of Bloomington, IN.

He is currently in the studio putting the final touches on his debut album, “Drown Before You Swim,” slated for release in August 2012.  In this digital music era of “download only” releases, Matt has done something truly unique by releasing this album as a double disc;  “Drown,” consisting of the “darker” songs on the album, and “Swim,” consisting of the “lighter, happier” songs.

Mastering of the first single off the album, “Ordinary,” has just been completed and is available to stream at: 


“Sometimes I think I reveal too much of myself.  Listening to my music is like thumbing through my journal,” says Gold.


Matt’s music career began when he was 18. Though he briefly took piano lessons when he was eight, Matt has been self taught ever since, opting to learn only the music that he loves. His musical expertise comes from countless hours in the studio and performing live throughout the Bloomington, IN area.
His early music has been described as “more angry and aggressive.”  However, in recent years his music has matured to reflect his personal growth.  “It’s interesting to see how you transform as a person” says Matt.   That transformation can be heard in his current musical style.


Bil Browning of wrote, “Imagine if Rufus Wainwright joined Depeche Mode and then had a baby with Tori Amos… Get the picture? The baby would be Matt.”

Take a listen to “Ordinary” on Soundcloud.  This is only the beginning of what is to come from “Drown Before You Swim.”

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