Nature: Jungle Eagle (Blu-Ray)

Many viewers are familiar with the bald eagle, but I believe that few outside of those that have actively studied the area will be familiar with the harpy eagles. These eagles are some of the most vicious birds currently in existence, with a huge wingspan (6 feet) and claws that rival even a black bear’s in size. Fergus Beeley is a hell of a documentarian, setting eirself (and crew) down in Venezuela’s Orinoco River basin. Rather than taking video at considerable distance, Beeley enters into the harpy eagle’s domain and takes some of the closest footage that has ever been seen. The time frame in which the footage was culled is considerable – the early life of a harpy eagle is captured over the course of a year – with utterly astonishing footage all around. Beeley’s own observations will resound loudly to anyone that has made it down to an area, but will also be germane to those that have watched a child grow up.

The Blu-Ray format is simply perfect for this footage. Nowhere else could an individual see the footage in such clarity; the 5.1 surround sound of this release replicates life in the South American rainforest perfectly.

If you are a fans of wildlife or of birds in particular, make it a point to check out Nature: Jungle Eagle. The ShopPBS site contains this documentary and hundreds more, ensuring that one can bolster their library or provide ample education for individuals of all ages. Jungle Eagle is a great documentary, and that sort of quality is the reason why Nature picked it up for distribution. Watch it at your earliest convenience and learn about a creature that a great many will never see.

Rating: 8.5/10

Nature: Jungle Eagle (Blu-Ray) / 2012 PBS / 60 Minutes /

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