Soft Machine Legacy – Live At The New Morning (CD)

 I like when DVDs have a CD release tied to them. If there is a particularly impressive DVD and I want to take that with me and listen to it, most times what I would need to do is go and find some way to rip the audio stream to my computer and then burn it to a disc. However, with this CD I am able to take what was already and impressive release and bring it to my car, work, wherever. If I want to see Soft Machine Legacy, I just pick up the DVD and stick it in the player.

Two forces on this disc have made it easily the equivalent to the DVD; the band itself, for providing such rich and emotional tracks during both of “Live At The New Morning’s” discs, and the individuals working the sound / soundboard for the concert, as they allow each of the instruments to shine on their own right. For those individuals that may not know who Soft Machine Legacy are, they are a jazz act that provides the current era with a little more classic jazz compositions. Do not get me wrong, this is not the jazz that was all the rage during the twenties and thirties, but rather Soft Machine Legacy play a style that is tremendously influenced by the acid and fusion jazz of the seventies.

Note that this is not crossover jazz, though; there are no ploys by the band to ensure that their tracks ever had a wider audience than their true fan base; the compositions are long (so long, in fact, that both discs have six or less tracks on them) and allow the band to do exactly what they wish to do during the track. The compositions are very intricate and detailed, and will mean that listeners have to focus in and stick with the track for a while before getting anything from their investments. The discs are live but they might as well be studio; the only time where this illusion is broken is when the audience politely applauds the work of Soft Machine Legacy. For a good eighty minutes of current jazz, one could not do any better than picking up this album. Again, don’t pick up this disc looking for a crossover star like Kenny G, but rather behold and act that blends all the skill and talent of the twenties and thirties with a more impressive and full sound.

Top Tracks: 1212, Kite Runner

Rating: 7.0/10


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