anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (DVD Set)


This beautiful box set provides viewers with the full run of anohana, a Tatsuyuki Nagai-directed show that ran through the spring of 2011. NIS America’s box set is stunning and provides individuals with considerable context about how to properly enjoy the show. The hardcover art book provides crisp clips into each of the characters, while one can actually view episode previews as they would be seen on Japanese television.

The transfer of each of these episodes to the home video format is perfect, with a crispness that is only paralleled by the timing of the English subtitles here. The show itself showcases the beauty of the human spirit; after Menma dies, eir spirit urges Jinta to get the old gang of friends back together. The recreation of this group is less than easy, as it seems like Heaven and Earth have united to create a barrier. I like anohana because the show differentiates between each of the characters. A major drawback to current anime has been the personification of attitudes or qualities (happy, crazy, sex-crazed). I feel that anohana does a great job in layering the motivations and desires of each of the main characters in such a way that viewers can be properly invested. In doing so, anohana becomes a must-watch show for anyone that is an anime fan or can appreciate solid character development.

For fans of anohana, the manga is ongoing in current issues of Jump Square. NIS America has stepped up their game in 2012 with their releases, and I would exhort you to check out what they will be releasing in the months to come.

Rating: 9.4/10

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