Boss – Season One (DVD)

Any fear that Kelsey Grammer would always be locked into his beloved Frasier character is gone within the first few episodes of the remarkably captivating political drama Boss.

With simmering tyranny, hidden behind the public mask of the genial mayor of Chicago, Grammer infuses Mayor Tom Kane with a ferocity and vindictiveness that makes Tony Soprano look like… well Frasier.
The show, so far the crown jewel of cable start-up Starz, is addictive drama from the first episode. Like any corrupt politician worth his salt, Kane is pulling the strings in the gubernatorial race, pitting an up and coming State Treasure against the current governor, who thinks Kane is pulling the strings for him. Unbeknownst to anyone, Kane has just been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder that is starting to affect his public appearances.

Add in his ruthless staff, an ambitious newspaper reporter, Kane’s drug addict, do-gooder daughter and his wife, the only character as villainous as the mayor (played perfectly by Connie Nielsen) and you have quite simply one of the things going on TV right now.

Boss – Season One/3 DVDs/449 mins./Lionsgate/2012

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