Brisbane emcee Profecy teams up with American producer for new single ‘Walk With Me’

Following his much acclaimed opening in the Australian hip-hop scene with the “Let The Music Play EP”, the emcee Profecy, announced that “Walk With Me” the single that is also the title of the EP, goes live and is available for free download today.
Profecy, is a self-made hip hop artist who grew up in Lismore, on the NSW coast. Profecy during his early, definitive years had little to no exposure to what was designed to become his life’s passion and mission; hip hop music. Learning through trial and error, by going with one’s instinct, and just giving it all he got, Profecy learned how beat and rhyme interact and react to each other to produce that distinctive hip hop sound.Powerful and summer-infused is all “Walk With Me” could ever be. It magnetizes you into a different level of awareness, which you find hard to depart from, once the song is over. “Walk With Me” encompasses youthfulness in the most adept way possible; the anger, the unrequited emotions, the frustration and bliss, the bittersweetness of life, are all found in condensed form on this EP.

The EP is a co-production of American hip hop producer DJ Corbett. “Walk With Me’’ is masterfully produced; melody and rhyme do not compete with one another; rather, one takes the other by the hand and let you sit back and relish in their breathtaking performance. Profecy seems to be able to deliver impeccable music; where the melody soothes you and the lyrics awaken your spirit.
Profecy’s second EP, already has valid signs of maturity and growth. It exhibits the artist’s constant searching for the witty wordplay and the startling beat. Most importantly, “Walk With Me” indicates how Profecy is perfectly synced with his reality; something out of which we get a slice of. It’s bass heavy, but still carrying a summer-breeze sense to it. A chill-outness that’s hard to find.
Profecy’s is an unstoppable, inspired rhyme-crafter, destined to cause a stir in the Australian hip hop music scene. “Walk With Me”, doesn’t fail to let his unprecedented flair go unnoticed and is promising for more elaborating works in the future. Profecy’s work is the embodiment of a rousing youth harnessed only through creativity.
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