Kasabian – Kasabian Live at the 02 (DVD and CD)

Like Robbie Williams, The Libertines and Klaxon, Kasabian is one of those uniquely British bands that does (and in The Libertines case, did) remarkably well in their own country, but only manage to pull together a small, albeit rabid, following here in the U.S.


Kasabian Live at the 02 – a concert DVD and accompanying CD of the show recorded last December – should serve as proof that they deserve another chance by U.S. audiences. The indie rock/dance band already has four proper albums under their belt and this live collection gathers their best. They put on a great show – though not yet ready to give Springsteen or U2 a run for their money – there is impressive use of the stage and they actually seem to be enjoying themselves.


The DVD also includes a documentary of the band touring the UK and Ireland while prepping for the 02 show, explaining the concept they are trying to pull off with the stage show and barely hiding their giddiness at playing this impressive venue. The live show is fun to watch, but the doc goes even further, showing a sympathetic look at these humble musicians giving you a reason to cheer for the band.


I think it’s too late for Robbie Williams and many of the others to get us to care about them in this country, but Kasabian has earned the right for a real shot in this countery.

Kasabian – Kasabian Live at the 02/DVD and CD/Eagle Vision/ 2012

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