Rockstar Mayhem – Cleveland, Ohio – 7/25 Concert Review

I was excited the moment I received this assignment. It’s been quite a while since my last metal show, and there’s nothing better than an outdoor music festival.  I was lucky enough to catch Phish in Blossom about a month ago, so I came in with high hopes and expectations.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed.  Besides having a great time at Blossom listening to great music, there were no similarities  Mayhem-fest really lived up to its name.


Anthrax really highlighted the side stage.  Without the chairs that the mainstage had, they really were able to open up quite a large raging pit to match their music. White Chapel really shredded, leaving my neck sore for the rest of the night.  As I Lay Dying was almost like a sing-along.  Its seems that nobody forget this circa 2000 metal monster.  When it came down to the mainstage Slipknot was the highlight of my night.  They came out and put on the super high energy show only Slipknot can do.  From pyrotechnics to masks to music, it was not just a set, but an experience. Motorhead came out and reminded me why they still rock, and always will.


Lemmy strummed the bass like warrior while belting out newer and older material.  The only complaint I can even muster about their performance was that it failed to reach a full hour in length.  Such an important pioneer of metal deserves a much longer performance at a festival like this.  I wasn’t quite as familiar with Slayer as the other two headliners, but I found myself nodding my head and bending along with the lighting fast speed metal.  After getting home I listened to a few of their tracks and was quite impressed with how well they replicated their sound on the big stage after so many years.  Aside from the music the festival was a blast, lots of merch, as much beer as you felt like wasting money on, and alot of cool people to mingle with.  I don’t know who’s playing Mayhem-fest next year but regardless it’ll be a blast.  I know I’m going, so I hope to see you there! 

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