Nutrabolics SuperFats (Weight Loss)

SuperFats is a product that can provide individuals with the weight loss that they need. The unique formulation of SuperFats is the key reason why it is so effectual. The supplement includes CLA, Sesamin, and Pinolenic Acid. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Sesamin (Sesame Oil) have been shown in the past to drastically increase the amount of fat burnt on a daily basis, but Pinolenic Acid is an interesting addition. Pinolenic Acid is considerably present in a few specific types of pine trees (Siberian and Korean pines), and it works in humans to bring on hunger suppressants.

Nutrabolics’ SuperFats standardizes the Pine Nut extract into 15% Pinolenic Acid, ensuring that those that take the product will have these suppressants kicked into high gear. There are little in the way of further additions to SuperFats; Nutrabolics has ensured that this effort only contains those compounds that have been shown to be effectual in previous research. SuperFats comes in a 120 capsule bottle; individuals will have to take 3 capsules each day. Give the Nutrabolics website a spin at your earliest convenience, as they have a line that will ensure that individuals of all workout level, age, gender, and experience can get the supplements that they need to stay healthy, build muscle, and reach any fitness goals that they may have. I would strongly suggest that anyone that is looking to supplement with SuperFats look into an amino (Amino Power 2000), protein (Muscle Fusion), and a solid pre-workout (Swollen, which comes in powder and tablets). We’ll be supplementing with SuperFats throughout the long winter.

Rating: 8.5/10

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