Gary Lee Wingard – Once There Was A Man (CD)

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Seems To Be Raining is a complex and dense track that soars on the interaction between instrumental and vocal sides. There are hints of rock, country, and even John Denver-esque pop that is present during this track. Wingard is able to establish a very contemporary type of sound that is imbued with a wide array of influences and styles. I Really Love You contains the emotional intensity that is needed to capture and keep listeners interested throughout the disc.

I feel that the very deliberate guitar work on I Really Love You sets it off from similar efforts, and showcases that Wingard needs nothing else than a guitar and his vocals to shine. Never Land is a track that is distinct from the rest of the album, and I feel that it’s location on Once There Was A Man is inspired. This track has a more pointed and rock-based feel to it, providing a boost to the album’s momentum. Wingard is able to keep listeners guessing even into these late registers, and I feel that Never Land’s inclusion (and sizzling guitar solo) showcases his skill.

The Road Ahead represents a comparable addition to Wingard’s palette, as the presence of a harmonica at the beginning of the track  brings listeners to a smoky blues hall. Few albums are able to stand as full works, but Once There Was A Man is a rare example of hitting on all cylinders with each subsequent effort. Check out Wingard’s website and see exactly when he hits up a venue around you. I hope that he is able to continue expanding and evolving his inimitable style.

Top Tracks: Once There Was A Man, The Road Ahead, When I Come Home

Rating: 8.4/10

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