Heidi Breyer – Beyond the Turning (CD)

Moondancing is a tremendously emotive track that is able to weave a narrative that is richer than those created by even the most vocal-heavy acts. Beyond the Turning possesses a more cohesive sound due to this; listeners will easily be able to find common elements to My Peace Piece to The Long Way Home, Passage 1 and Adungu Inspiration.

The sheer amount of tools available to Breyer is astounding. Listeners will be able to pick out pieces of classical music, blues, jazz, and more modern fare throughout the entirety of this disc. The production on Beyond the Turning allows for Breyer’s compositions to sound as if she was in the room with you. This is particularly evident during Rive Droite. Rive Droite is a delightful bit of Victorian debonair meets sultry Latin, with each line establishing a richer tableaux for the title. Farewell is a track that bears multiple listens, as Breyer is able to insert considerably different contexts into the effort’s runtime.

While there are 14 tracks on Beyond the Turning, I feel that Breyer is able to continually keep listeners focused in on her inimitable style. This album is made stronger through the inclusion of some of the best cuts on the last quarter of the disc. The one-two combo of Beyond the Turning and The Long Way Home, Passage 3 is a microcosm of the various styles and approaches which Breyer has presented through the whole of the album. Check out her website (linked) and check up on any news or further information about live dates and releases.

Top Tracks: May I Suggest, The Long Way Home, Passage 3

Rating: 9.0/10

Heidi Breyer – Beyond the Turning (CD) / 2012 Self / 14 Tracks / http://www.heidibreyer.com

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