MMOSS debut “Another Dream” on Pitchfork

Trouble in Mind announce the release of the sophomore album from New Hampshire-based psychedelic jam warriors MMOSSOnly Children will be available for trip-inducing consumption on November 13 and today Pitchfork premieres LP track “Another Dream.”
Here’s the first taste of Only Children, “Another Dream”, which features a paced Summer of Love organ and some lovely harmonies.
MMOSS capture the psychedelic sounds of 60s like no other – from jangly organs, flutes and driving drums, unexpected arrangements, classic recording sounds and psychy harmonies, MMOSS emerge from the wilds of New Hampshire with a fully formed sound and vision. More information on MMOSS below.
Praise for MMOSS
Fantastically psychedelic and retrofitted with tambourines, flutes, and what sounds like a mellotron, MMOSS don’t just sound like a band rehashing bygone days of 60s experimentalism and open-minded, open-spectrum grooves. They literally sound like the real thing…I feel like somehow living way out in New Hampshire has done great things for this band.
I Guess I’m Floating
Take a journey inside your mind’s garage. MMOSS can take you there. “Spoiled Sun” has an hypnotic groove that will open up the doors of reception; welcome to the world of mid-fi psychedelia. The guitars drone. The synths rip holes in the space-time continuum. The modulated vocals are nearly unintelligible so as to not distract you from whatever it is you’re thinking about now that you’ve entered MMOSS’s realm. Let go. You’ll be back in 5:35. Unless you put it on repeat…
Day Kamp Music
There’s a sense of mystery moving throughout the music of Mmoss – a sense of something familiar perhaps surreptitiously altered, or of traveling a well-worn path only to arrive at a destination previously unknown…No mystery at all, then, to declare we are fully invested in following Mmoss wherever the next journey leads.
Revolt of the Apes
It’s probably pushing the point too far to say that MMOSS captures the previously uncaptured indie soul of the state; it’s enough to say the three-piece gloms onto the flower power heritage that runs rife all through New England…Artsy, groovy, paranoid: MMOSS is all three, woven into an acoustic folk tradition with a touch of the medieval…There’s a sense of the epic here, a journey from the familiar to the strange, and back again.  That’s probably the hippie heritage muscling it’s way into the picture, and it works.
QRO Magazine
Melodic late 60s psychedelic rock from New Hampshire. Great instrumentation.
Drone folk rockers MMOSS traveled from New Hampshire to transport you to an alternate psychedelic universe.
Boston Hassle
With the addition of flute to the mix of organs and guitars, MMOSS has a distinctly retro vibe that puts them in good company with many 60s forebears…“War Sux” was even more extended this night than at the last show, giving the band a chance to show off their jamming chops.
NYC Taper
Q: What’s with the name?
A: We read about it in the Bible and thought it was neat.
Dig Boston
More on MMOSS
From the damp and misty woods of New Hampshire emerges the second full length from psychedelic jam warriors MMOSS.  The minute we heard the band’s 2011 debut on Burger Records they immediately rocketed to the front of our release “wish list.”  Recorded by the band themselves at home, Only Children is everything we could have hoped for.  The songs swirl and shimmer as the vocals waver and glide together like the trippiest acid test light show.  Only Children is a decidedly heavier trip than the debut album, paring down the sheer number of tracks in favor of expanded blasts of musical mayhem.  “War Sux” has the motoric kraut of Cave while “Marty Hills” lays down the drone and drum a la “Parson Sound.”  That being said, MMOSS hasn’t lost their pop sensibility – “Another Day” and “Another Dream” take you from mono to stereo with cascading vocal harmonies so sweet, you won’t even notice that the hooks have already sunken in.  Their vocal interplay affirms an affection for the group vocal stylings of the 60s west coast acts like the Rose Garden, Comfortable Chair & Peanut Butter Conspiracy, taking their melancholic and bittersweet recollections and bringing them to a plugged-in generation.  MMOSS is the sound of hippies that took the brown acid and like it.  Live free or die.
The vinyl edition of Only Children is pressed on 150gram, randomly mixed vinyl and includes a download code.
RIYL: Paperhead, Woods, Cave, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Soundtrack of Our Lives
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Started in Chicago in 2009 as a way to release 7″s with perfect pop songs, Trouble in Mind expanded their catalog of releases in 2011 with LPs from Mikal Cronin, Night Beats, The Wax Museums, The Paperhead and The Wrong Words! Check out this playlist with a track from each release plus a bonus track from the Apache Dropout 7″.
In 2012, Trouble in Mind’s exciting release schedule includes new music from the Estrogen Highs, Hollows, the Resonars, Jacco Gardner, Apache Dropout, Woollen Kits and the return of the SXSW/Record Store Day 4-way covers split 7″ featuring exclusive cover songs performed by Mikal Cronin, The Liminanas, The Paperhead and Apache Dropout.
Trouble in Mind has releases in excellent record stores near you from Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time), Alex Cuervo, The Limiñanas, Vermillion Sands, Wounded Lion, Personal & the Pizzas, The Wrong Words, Tropical Sleep, Sticks N Stones, Night Beats, The Hex Dispensers, The Mean Jeans, The Limiñanas, Hollows, Ty Segall, Tyler Jon Tyler, Wheels on Fire, Sonic Chicken 4, Charlie & the Moonhearts, The Fresh & Onlys and The White Wires delivering on their mission to put “the emphasis back on the music and prove that the 2 1/2 minute pop song is alive and well.”
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