Police Teeth – S/T LP out 10-16

Nervous Curtains have debuted two new videos from the Fake Infinity LP for the songs “It’s The End of Eternity” and “Cats In The Dark

Police Teeth (Seattle, WA), their self-titled 4th LP will be out October 16 in brick and mortar and digital stores. Download here @ 320kbps. 1-sheet available Aug 1 via Riot Act Publicity. Check em out performing the last song on the new LP “Rough Chuckles“. When asked to describe their live show, Seattle’s Police Teeth said, simply, “Loud, ragged, sweaty, hair, flying debris, mustache.” When asked to describe their previous record, 2011’s Awesomer Than The Devil, the East Bay Express said, simply, “To the initiated, the catchy, working-class rock of Police Teeth demands comparisons to Les Savy Fav at the top of its game, or The Thermals when they truly lock it in, or Archers of Loaf…the album is not only worth a blind buy, it’s a necessity.” The band’s newest S/T full-length is a powerhouse of a record that showcases the trio’s most relentlessly fantastic output yet.
Police Teeth’s flailing, wailing, angular songwriting has always been dark humor-laden, and track titles like “My V-4 Weighs A Ton”, “(My Baby’s Got The) Black Lung”, “Where’s My Fucking Hug?” and “Gifts, Knives, Adult Movies” are prime examples of the band’s signature lyrical and topical smirk. This new record is no joke, however—these songs are heavy, pushy, fist-pumpy anthems with staying power.

LFR – 10-year Anniversary shows!
We’ve put together a compilation, Year 10! to celebrate – download here @ 320kbps
track list:
1. Heavy Hand (milwaukee, wi) – Inspired by Haircuts
2. IfIHadAHiFi (milwaukee, wi) – Throw Deep
3. WAXEATER (bloomington, in) – Give It A Name
4. Trophy Wives (louisville, ky) – (You’re Like A) Bad Song
5. Victory and Associates (oakland, ca) – Wildly Plausible
6. System and Station (portland, or) – Turned Guns*
7. The Gunshy (chicago, il) – I Don’t Want To Think About Dying Anymore*
8. Karl J. Paloucek (chicago, il) – Oscillation 5*
9. Nervous Curtains (dallas, tx) – Cats In The Dark
10. IfIHadAHiFi w/Police Teeth (milwaukee, wi and seattle, wa) – Steroid Unicorn*
11. Fuckface (milwaukee, wi) – Blue Tumor Live @ Miramar Theatre July 10, 2010
12. Animal Lover (minneapolis, mn)- Find Dining
* = previously unreleased
Friday, October 5
IfIHadAHiFi  (HiFi on bandcamp, video)
System and Station (S&S on bandcamp, video)
Victory and Associates (V&A on bandcamp)
Heavy Hand

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