Puzzler 3D World 2012 (Nintendo 3DS)

Puzzler 3D World 2012 (Nintendo 3DS) / 2012 Ubisoft / http://www.ubi.com

This game is the perfect bridge between generations, in that it provides players of all ages and skill levels ample opportunity to tease their brains. Puzzler 3D World 2012 is a title that has a tremendous amount of replay value. I believe that twists and turns that Ubisoft has provided through the slider puzzles, crosswords, and Sudoku (amongst other types) will keep players interested for tens, if not hundreds, of hours.

I believe that those of younger age cohorts will benefit from playing Puzzler 3D World 2012. To take word searches as an example, a thoroughness will be instilled. Vocabulary is built with each crossword, while the different number puzzles will sharpen arithmetic and allow players to take logical steps towards the ultimate goal of victory. The array of different colors and game play options is precisely why this game has legs; the palette used in Puzzler 3D World 2012 is incredibly pleasing to the eyes.

I feel the use of both 3DS screens creates for a much more immersive gaming experience than would be presented in traditional paper iterations of these games. Here’s to hoping that Ubisoft can continue to update this franchise with new sets of these games. The low price of Puzzler 3D World 2012 will make this a perfect purchase for anyone that is looking to round out a gift basket or top off a holiday stocking.

Rating: 9.0/10

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