Sparrows Swarm and Sing – Untitled II (CD)


The disc starts off with what I can only presume is a homeless person rattling on and on about religion. Sure, there is a light form of instrumentation, but this vocal track is a focus of Sparrows Swarm and Sing during the early part of this three-part EP, which clocks in at less than thirty minutes. I can see where the song may be very experimental, but the vocals seem to detract from what really is a solid bit of arrangement and instrumentation.

Perhaps if what the vocals were doing during this track were providing more of a philosophical argument, the track would seem more balanced. At least “Part I” is short enough that individuals can stick with the track. The instrumentation really is beautiful and becomes even more so when the vocals fade out of the equation. “Part II” is much more slow and deliberate than the first part of “Untitled II”,, and really plays on different emotions than does the first part of the CD. The vocals that were prominent during the first part of the disc are gone, and the overall composition is much more introspective than it has been. The use of a violin during part II is perhaps the most distinct that the band gets on the disc; it operates as a catalyst between the two parts of the track, and it is not much beyond that where Sparrows Swarm and Sing are increasing their speed considerably.

The first two parts only ring up to half of the runtime of the third part, so it can be inferred that Sparrows Swarm and Sing wish to put a highlight on this ultimate track. The vocals come back into play for the third part, which does provide a nice continuity between the first and the last tracks. The style is still rambling and a marked departure from the smooth compositions that Sparrows Swarm and Sing play on this disc, which is perhaps the only way that they can be taken positively. Thee instrumentation on “Untitled II” is the reason why individuals should pick up this album; the tension which the band can create with just a violin or drums is so much more than other acts can provide. I want to hear a full disc from Sparrows Swarm and Sing now, preferably with just the instrumentation. I believe that this could be where the band draws their biggest fanbase from; instrumental rock.

Top Track: Part III

Rating: 7.0/10


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