Spin Doctors – Nice Talking To Me (CD)


So, everyone remembers the Spin Doctors for their “Two Princes” song. Fast forward about a decade, and a track like “Nice Talking To Me” has the perfect amount of classic rock crunch, putting the Spin Doctors alongside acts like Lenny Kravitz without much effort. At some points, especially during tracks like “Sugar”, the perfection achieved by the Doctors is almost too much; there is little humanity strewn amongst the perfectly planned out and executed music here. There is no doubt that the music on “Nice Talking To Me” would be a perfect fit for many a college bar, but during tracks like “Margarita”, there seems to be a lack of innovation and experimentation that becomes even more prevalent with each following track.

In a sense, the Spin Doctors are continuing playing the same style of music they were known for a decade ago, a Blues Traveler/Rusted Root/Dishwalla type of college rock. In their credit, the Doctors are probably the best at doing this recreation. Each of the tracks on “Nice Talking To Me” could be placed on college rock right now or back in 1995 and would be a very strong hit; age has done the Spin Doctors well in being able to craft an album that never fails to disappoint. The Lenny Kravitz-like sound has evaporated for a looking-back sound. Each of the tracks on “Nice Talking To Me” has a perfect length that allows the Spin Doctors to really shine without going into self-parody or a rut. Where some individuals could find a rut in “Nice Talking To Me” would have to be the lack of experimentation that the Spin Doctors do on it; I would have to contend that there was really no reason for the band to change what was nearly perfect over a decade ago.

There is enough in the way of differentiation on the tracks to allow the forty-five minutes of the disc to go by without fault, and this cohesive sound allows listeners to replay the disc many times. The jam-band aspect of the final track “Safety Pin” adds a nice circular sound to the style of the Doctors; the first track strikes bold new ground while the final track brings individuals back to the band’s old sound. “Nice Talking To Me” is a strong comeback album for one of the most remembered acts of the nineties; while time will tell whether this comeback can be sustained, I have a feeling that this solid re-entry into popular rock will portend a long and lively career.

Top Tracks: Safety Pin, Margarita

Rating: 5.0/10


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