Squirtgun / Teen Idols “The Dysfunctional Shadowman” Split

I have been lucky enough to hear of the Teen Idols before I approached this album but not lucky enough to have actually heard them. SO, I cam into this review with no pre-established notions about what either of the bands sound like. This is always a plus for me, as I do not have to go and delete any possible bias I have towards the band before I review them. Squirtgun is the other half of this split, and the presence of their two tracks “Dysfunctional” and “Chemical Attraction” really bolster the sound of the entire CD, as the tracks mesh perfectly with each other, the only discernable difference between them being a slightly different inflection on the tracks. Asian Man has definitely did their homework in getting these bands together, as the CD represents one entity trying toput out four blistering tracks. Remember, kiddies, Squirtgun has some definite ties to early punk era bands like the Ramones, while the Teen Idols are more focused on having a new-punk sound. Both come from different sections of the punk experience, and the resulting mating of sound on this disc really shows the intersection of where punk is going and where punk has been. Make sure that you go and get this CD before Asian Man sells out of them, as this is a limited printing, meaning that only 2,000 of these puppies will be printed.

Squirtgun / Teen Idols “The Dysfunctional Shadowman” Split

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