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Where the individuals from Kids in the Hall may have released Brain Candy on an unassuming populace, it is Staring Back that puts out Ear Candy. Speed-addicted punk that is still galloping while others might be resting. The wall of sound created by Staring Back is one that has innumerable wires and guns sticking out of it, providing ways for countless other innocent listeners to fall victim to each line, hook, or tangent that they might wish on their listeners. Similar stylistically to Sum 41 and Pennywise, the lyrics are what differentiates Staring Back from the score of other acts. Where many bands hide behind a façade of confidence and self-deprecation, Staring Back places out on the musical table an unwavering doubt of self that acts as a sword of Damocles, hanging pendulously about their collective head. This really makes itself known in tracks such as “X Out”, where Matt sings that “I tried to go for what is right / Inspiration propelled me to new heights / I tried / To make sense of myself / But the more I realize, the less I know / Makes me wonder / Am I the only one who’s so scared?” “Feel Past the Words” is exactly that : the sheer emotion, the giddiness expressed in the elocution of the lyrics does not betray the story-like lyrics of the song, which detail an individual who has decided to better himself for the continued existence of a relationship. “Haunted” covers some dangerous territory in its’ delivery, moving between that of Jesse Michaels and Conor Oberst, only going back to the style of Staring Back (utterly silky vocals) during the chorii.

Top Tracks : “Feel Past the Words” and “You Say”


Rating : 7.0
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