The Elizabeth Kill, L.A. Based Rock Quartet Taps Into The Magical Power They Find In The Lab

The Elizabeth Kill is a female-fronted Los Angeles rock quartet serving up a lush, thrilling hybrid of dark carnival ride and intense, personal storytelling.  Known for their steam punk fashion style, signature brand of dynamic music and electrifying live performances, audiences immediately connect with crushed velvet vocals and cast iron soundscapes.  And while The Elizabeth Kill’s unique artistry whispers Garbage, The Cure and Yeah Yeah Yeahs they stand in a class all their own by balancing vulnerability and grit.  With rare musical skill, theatrical bravado, and a genuine emotional frankness, The Elizabeth Kill is hard to resist.


The story almost always begins somewhere off a traffic-jammed Southern California freeway, in a nondescript beige building amongst exact duplicates, behind a door marked only by a small alien head sticker.  The four members of The Elizabeth Kill find themselves there more often than not. It’s a safe-house of sorts, and a celebrated headquarters, but more than anything it is a place where musical experiments are conducted constantly, hence its logical moniker: The Lab.


“We spend a lot of time at The Lab because,” vocalist Sarah Goff explains, “we believe it’s important to regularly create opportunities where magic, music and creativity collide.”


In April they released ‘1809’, a power-packed yet dynamic EP featuring the emotionally charged single ‘Lady of the Hour’ and show opening, crowd favorite ‘Freakshow’. Three days after the CD release show in Burbank, which featured an enigmatic 90 minute performance, they sat down to discuss more new music and to book dates in another recording studio.  By late May they were recording three more new songs including the seductive, melodic ‘Skin’. Each was subsequently released as a monthly single in July, August and September.


“For us, it’s constant.” Guitarist Jeremiah Roiko says, “We always have lots of ideas and the chemistry is spot-on.  Writing together is almost effortless…”

“Fact!” Bass player Gabriel Guyer blurts in agreement, “(Laughs) There are always so many ideas.  It usually starts slowly, but we jam through it and then bam!  Something catches fire and we all know it.”


The Elizabeth Kill remains focused on reinforcing their signature sound while striving to grow musically and continuing to expand their dedicated fan base.  In the past, they worked with rock-minded, old-school engineers as well as producers with pop pedigree.  This time around they aim to meet somewhere in the middle to offer a product as fresh and rocking as it is entertaining and accessible.


“One of our goals for the new recording is to capture all the energy we hit the stage with because that’s something we’re known for,” adds drummer Corey Manske.


After repeatedly annihilating stages at several L.A. hotspots like the Viper Room, House of Blues and Molly Malone’s it would seem the recording studio will have its hands full when The Elizabeth Kill arrives later this month.  Armed with four new songs and the challenge of capturing lightning in a jar everyone grins with excitement.  Amazingly, in the span of 365 days The Elizabeth Kill has released 14 songs and by the time you read this, four more will be ready for iTunes with a half-dozen incubating, bubbling and boiling over at The Lab.  Being palpably passionate about entertaining audiences, fiercely protective of the creative process and being artistically self-expressed this band is an evocative force to be reckoned with.  Hearing them play is a refreshing thrill.  Seeing them play is an unquestionable must.


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