The Spanish Word For Danger – 5 Song Demo (CD)

Ska with pseudo boy band vocals. What I mean by boy band vocals is the fact that they are so clean and clear. The Spanish Word For Danger is very talented in keeping all parts of their band from making interference, and at one time the trombone, drums, guitars, bass and vocals are all playing, creating a very interesting song. The brand of ska put out by TSWFD is such that it surpasses the incredibly boring overproduced ska placed on the market by Reel Big Fish, Royal Crown Revue, and Hepcat in the last few years. The only bad thing with using a trombone is the sad fact that a muffled trombone sounds a hell of a lot like as bass guitar, so I’m not really sure what sound is which. Its only a minor thing, as the trumpet playing on this EP is simply great. Same goes for the bass, if it really is a bass, as it is played faster on the thinner diameter chords then what I’m familiar with. After back to back hardcore reviews, it really is different to hear a band that doesn’t exclusively use drums to progress their songs. All of the songs are very decently written and performed, with no weak links. With TSFWD, ska may make yet another revival, which I would be more willing to accept as these guys have oodles of talent. This EP surprises me, as most ska irritates to no end, but TSFWD uses it in combination with various other forms of music to make it sound more unique then the factory produced ska bands of the 1990’s.

Rating 7.0 /10

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Author: James McQuiston

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