Toadally Krossed Out – “Cray” Feat. Riff Raff

The toads are back, risen up from the swamp, they are firing on all cylinders with weird music that makes you hide under your bed sheets. “Cray” is the bastard child of a memphis rap producer and dutch hardstyle raver girl. They had the baby and shipped it to the Toads home in Wales where they raised it with dutch ovens instead of breast feeding. “Cray is followed by “Toad Gibbons” which is another family affair. The sounds were all sampled from the toads uncles speech to the local legislature about the height of fences in their neighborhood. The uncle later died and the bill to heighten the local fences was not passed.


Toadally Krossed Out- 2 Song Arazona
1. Cray feat. RiFF RAFF
2. Toad Gibbons
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Author: James McQuiston

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