Ben 10 Omniverse (Xbox 360)

Ben 10 Omniverse is a game that captures all of the unique styling and feel of the various Ben 10 efforts and establishes a title that providers considerable replay value. The title refers to the game’s storyline, which allows players to fit into the shoes of either Teen or Young Ben.  The game possesses distinctly different dynamics based on whether one players the single-player mode or has a friend join in for the co-op option. D3 has differentiated the game play inherent in each of Ben 10 Omniverse’s 16 controllable characters (Bloxx and Gravattack are but two), as players will change present and future based on the decisions made during the game.

The voice acting utilized in this game is absolutely stellar, with considerable dialogue that will fit well into the already-rich Ben 10 mythos. The aforementioned vocals are made the richer due to the level design, which unites the current-generation graphics of a Xbox 360 with the fantastical world in which Ben finds eirself. Players will be kept interested in the title due to the work put in on each level; the presence of action and puzzle elements coupled with different architectures and overall feel make for an incredibly dense gaming experience. The movement and actions available to players are on a small learning curve; take an hour to play the game and you can master Ben’s efforts.

The game would be a perfect purchase for any fan of Ben 10 for their holiday stocking or birthday trove; D3’s desire to create stellar games at lower prices will ensure that one always gets a deal. Keep an eye out for other D3 Publisher releases through the end of 2012 and into 2013; there are some solid titles that will be dropping down (Rise of the Guardians).

Rating: 9.0/10

Ben 10 Omniverse (Xbox 360) / 2012 D3 Publisher /

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