Casey Hurt Interview

Hello! Can you introduce yourselves to NeuFutur readers?

Hey Readers, my name is Casey Hurt. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

What changes do you see occurring in popular and more niche forms of music?

I guess the biggest change that I’ve seen lately is Power and Choice moving back into the artists’ hands. Now more than every an artist can write, record and put out a record all on their own. I think because of that we’re seeing artists take more risks with their music. I love that and can’t wait to see the art that comes from it.

What is the progression of a track from initial lightbulb to finished song?

It’s pretty simple actually. I try and get up every morning around 6:30, make myself a cup of coffee, take the dogs out and then sit down with my guitar. I work best when I’ve got a safe consistent place to write. I try and write every day. Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the melody. Sometimes it takes hours to write a song, sometimes it just pours out in 30 minutes. I just never really know, all I can do is just show up. After that I let the songs sit for a day or two and then dig back in and do rewrites.  Sometimes there’s a lot of fat to cut and sometimes it’s pretty close to finished. Over time the song usually shifts a little more and once you add the band in it is bound to shift even more. It’s never really set in stone till you record it and put it out.

How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you began performing? What genres, styles, or approaches would you like to include on subsequent albums?

I’ve started out learning old church hymns and blues songs. Over the years I definitely moved more towards the singer-songwriter genre. I tried the indie rock thing for a bit but I was really no good at it. My heart and voice is really most comfortable in the blues/soul world. I’m actually hoping to do a blues specific record next. It’s really what’s fueling me right now.

On any Youtube video, there are countless genres thrown around for any song. How does that help or hurt music and musicians, and what genre(s) would your music fall into?

I don’t really think genre matters on youtube. Viewers are more accepting of new styles and I think it’s more important to just try and do something original and unique to what you do. I call my genre Pawn Shop Gospel, that way I get to define the terms of what I do and don’t get boxed in.

How do you feel things are different musically and culturally between parts of the United States and the rest of the world?

I think in general the rest of the world is more patient with music. There’s not as much of a pressure to put out a three minute radio hit. That was the biggest difference I noticed when we were on tour in Europe.

Musicians usually talk about a dream concert, or those earlier acts they would like to play with.

I’d love to share the stage with Van Morrison or Bill Withers. That would be dream come true.

What would be your dream lineup?

Ray LaMontagne, Van Morrison, Bill Withers, Dave Matthews, Ryan Adams, Tracy Chapman, Gary Clark Jr. and me.

We’ve heard and seen some crazy things at performance; what incredible or crazy times have you had on the road?

I haven’t experienced anything to crazy. Not that I could share anyway. 😉

Beyond your influences, what type of events, individuals, or other triggers fuel your creative process?

I love to read. That always really fuels my thoughts. I also just try and surround myself with really great, honest beautiful people. When I hear their stories I’m usually inspired to write.

What does the rest of 2012 and beginning of 2013 portend?

I’ve actually been working on writing a musical for about three years now with the hip-hop group 3blind mice. We’re going to have the world premiere of it this spring at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR. It’s going to run from March 27th – November 3rd. I’m really excited about it.

How do NeuFutur readers connect with your band and your music?

They can check out my website at – I try and keep it up to date on what’s happening with me. I also try and post new videos every week on my youtube channel. You can subscribe to that at

Any other thoughts for NeuFutur readers?

I just want to thank everyone for their support. It means the world to me. I hope that both my existing fans enjoy this interview and some new people learn about me for the first time.  Thank you for the opportunity!

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