Crazy Mary – Dreaming in Brilliant Color (CD)

Come On Let’s Go is a perfect introduction to Crazy Mary and their latest album, Dreaming in Brilliant Color. The band has been around for nearly fifteen years, and Come On Let’s Go touches upon the different styles and influences that are approached during the remainder of the title. This track serves as an easy way for listeners to meet the band. I feel that the different elements of Crazy Mary — guitars, organs, violins, and haunting vocals — are masterfully produced to create something that is distinct from what’s popular. Dreaming in Brilliant Color is a solid mix of tracks with a number of different peaks. Lonesome as a Train is a tremendously personal affair; the song weaves a narrative through both vocal and instrumental efforts. Song for a New Year is a tremendously hopeful affair, although the blend of psychedelic, folk, and electronic music obfuscates this point.

Crazy Mary is able to keep considerable momentum as they continue through the second half of the disc; Fallen Angel will keep listeners on the edges of their seats. Take Me By The Hand exists in a diametrically opposed realm from Fallen Angel. While themes of loss and the coldness of being without someone resound throughout the former, there is a much more human, warm, and paired feeling whipped up through the latter. The Big F is the final track on Dreaming in Brilliant Color, and it provides listeners with some semblance of where Crazy Mary will go in the months, years, and albums to come.

Make sure to check out Crazy Mary whenever they come to a city near you; I feel that the soul and expansive nature of the band would do well in this format.

Top Tracks: Come On Let’s Go, Lonesome as a Train

Rating: 8.6/10

Crazy Mary – Dreaming in Brilliant Color (CD) / 2012 Self / 13 Tracks /

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