My Bad Parent by Troy Osinoff

I’m a parent and I can admit I want it to stop. Please don’t post any more pics of your kids on Facebook. Seriously, no one but you cares about these preciously little snowflakes. That is, unless you are willing to take some staging tips from Troy Osinoff, Internet entrepreneur and author of My Bad Parent.

This paperback collection from the blogger behind, and, features a slew of so wrong you can’t help but laugh candid pics of kids in odd situations (screaming kids on Santa’s lap; a kid that could pass for six at the grocery store wearing nothing but a diaper and shoes; babies holding bottles of liquor)… and if you are scowling just reading this review this book is clearly not for you.

For everyone else, you could only hope your friends start posting pics like these on Facebook rather than what they really tack up there.

My Bad Parent by Troy Osinoff/paperback, 163 pages/Perigee Trade/2012

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