SparkPeople: Total Body Sculpting and Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength & Energy (DVD)

/ 2012 Acacia /  69 Minutes | 57 Minutes /

Depending on what style of workout one utilizes, what is taught during SparkPeople’s Total Body Sculpting and Canyon Ranch’s Yoga for Strength & Energy may be more useful.  These collections of workouts (3 on the SparkPeople DVD, and 2 on the Canyon Ranch release) both average about an hour, which is the maximum length for additional benefit to accrue to the individual during their workout. Instructions are clear, motions are repeated enough for viewers to understand the routine, and viewers will be clamoring for more as they continue to complete these exercises.

What Acacia has done in releasing these DVDs is showcase that solid workout regimens can benefit individuals in a way that paid advertisement workouts simply cannot do. Canyon Ranch’s yoga style allows the widest possible swath the chance to work out and actually notice tangible benefits; this DVD is a must have if one would like to increase their overall flexibility and decrease the chance of injury when moving into a more weight-heavy training. SparkPeople’s Total Body Sculpting is a plan that seems to be a touch more difficult in terms of overall workout scope, but enjoys a similarly welcoming demeanor.

There are so many out there that say that workouts are too hard or take up too much of their day. I contend that each workout plan, whether sculpting or yoga-focused, can be learned in the space of a single workout and be completed even by those that have not went to the gym in decades. These DVDs represent a perfect holiday gift for anyone that is looking to change how they look, feel, and ultimately value themselves. Make sure to purchase from the Acacia website or from any one of numerous online retailers that stock these DVDs.

Rating: 9.3/10

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