The Expendables 2 (Blu-Ray)


The Expendables 2 is pound for pound the beefiest action movie that has ever been released, and the crazy action and bigger than life feel translates nicely to the home theater. The Expendables 2 takes the crew of the first Expendables flick (Stallone, Statham, Lo, Lindgren, Couture and Crews) and throws them into a mission of revenge after new recruit (Billy the Kid, played by Liam Hemsworth) is killed. The film’s final action sequence, involving massive fatalities in an airport, is nothing less than ritualistic blood orgy (in the best possible way one can say that).  Norris, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Stallone tear up baddies just as they tear up the screen, making for a perfect popcorn flick.

Lionsgate has included a number of extras with this Blu-Ray set, beginning with the inclusion of a digital and ultraviolet copy of the film. The audio commentary laid down by director Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) provides ample views into the motivation of every character and further context about the scenery, wardrobing, and the like. I personally appreciated Big Guns, Bigger Heroes, a documentary that contextualized The Expendables 2 into the pantheon of classic action films. While the film does not take itself terribly seriously, the gag reel showcases the human side of each of the main characters. The Guns For Hire featurette is vital viewing for anyone that wishes to have more information about the real-life mercenaries on which The Expendables were modeled.

The Expendables 2 will be the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone that has cut their teeth on films like Die Hard, The Terminator, or Death Wish. Make sure to pick it up at any local big box retailer or online movie store.

Rating: 9.3/10

(Blu-Ray) / 2012 Lionsgate / 102 Minutes /

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