The Perfects – Sudden Victory (CD)


Sudden Victory is the latest effort from Baltimore’s The Perfects, and each of the cuts presented here provide considerable insight for listeners. The album begins with a titular opener; the new wave styling of The Perfects seems vital and current with each subsequent note. The track acts as a microcosm of the styles, genres, and approaches taken during the whole of Sudden Victory. Control is a sub-three minute effort that distills the essence of The Perfects into a heavenly nectar; listeners will be able to find considerable twists and turns to take with each subsequent listen. The Perfects are able to get into a groove with a trio of tracks: Forever, The Escape, and Revo. These tracks do more than sound pretty; they contain considerable narrative qualities even as their arrangements twinkle; listeners are locked in for the long haul after they encounter these songs.

Sudden Victory is not sudden in regards to the closing measures of the disc. Girls that Dance is the modern version of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The Perfects know that the end of the disc is close, and provide an utterly tremendous track. While a considerable amount of Sudden Victory could be present on radio rotation, I feel that Girls that Dance will be remembered long after the disc ceases spinning. End of Us is the ultimate track and serves admirably as the closing ceremonies for The Perfect.

Make it a point to see The Perfects live whenever they come to a city around you; if the album is any indication, their live format will be nothing short of special.

Top Tracks: With or Without You, Girls That Dance

Rating: 8.4/10

The Perfects – Sudden Victory (CD) / 2012 Self / 9 Tracks /

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