Your Sister’s Sister (DVD)

It’s become cliché at this point to grouse that Hollywood doesn’t make good movies anymore. And yes, judging by the superhero/sequel-obsessed box office results from the past couple of years that argument can reasonably be made. And then along comes a movie like Your Sister’s Sister, which totally deflates the argument that good films no longer find their way out of Hollywood.

Absolutely beautiful in its scripting, casting and acting, the movie centers on best friends Jack (played by Mark Duplass from FX’s The League) and Iris (played by Emily Blunt in what is quite possibly her best role to date). With Jack still mourning his dead brother, Iris invites him to spend some time alone at an isolated cabin in the woods. If this were a typical Hollywood movie, the script would then devolve into an inane slasher flick with paranormal spirits, blah, blah, blah…but this is an from the oft ignored indie genre, so instead Jack ends up surprising Iris’s sister who is spending time alone at the cabin getting over the break-up of her longtime girlfriend. Again, rather than take the typical Hollywood route and spin this into a zany, “oh, no is he really going to try and sleep with the lesbian?” flick, writer/director Lynn Shelton opts for a more subtly funny, but remarkably romantic story about loss, inner feelings and ultimately love.

Sweet without being pandering and funny without being obvious, Your Sister’s Sister is a massive exception to the rule about nothing good coming out of Hollywood.

Your Sister’s Sister/90 mins./MPI Home Video/2012

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