Harold Honey Interviewed

1. What got you into playing and creating music?

Beer and Women….no kinda of but I got into music because I needed an outlet and I had a lot of free time. Also writing songs has always helped me and served as a catharsis.  Thats a big word for you. I started playing guitar at fifteen years old but really for the last five years I have practiced and performed much more and feel I have really progressed as a musician.



2. How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you began performing?

I don’t think I had much of a style when I first started but I always had a vibe. I  have gravitated more towards a retro sound. My earlier songs were a lot more sloppy and I learned  how to incorporate stuff into my music that I want to hear. I think what Im doing now is pure genius.  yeah ………!

3. Who are you listening to right now?

I’m currently listening to Lucinda Williams. I have the album blessed and I think it is pretty good. I also like an album by Craig Elkins called “I love you.” -not many people know about this album but it is really good.  i have played some shows with him and he is really incredible.

4. Who else in the music scene have you met and who is out there right now that you would like to collaborate with?

I have met a lot of good indie skate bands like Take one Car. I also met a really good band that has been on the road for like seven years. They mix django reinhardt and punk. They are called Frenchy and The Punk.  I  played a set with them in ohio which was a lot of fun because we shared the stage. They would play four songs then I would play four songs.

In terms of collaboration, I think I would do best working with a female artist  like Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, or Adele.  I guess that is pretty ambitious though. Actually Janet Robin has been really helpful for me and collaborated on some songs. She is also a friend of mine and has taught me a lot of tricks and things on the guitar.

5. Why should individual pick up “Helltown”? Where do you believe the future will take you creatively and how does the new EP compare to your eponymous album?

Helltown is great and people tell me that they listen to it many times. The new ep has a higher level of musicality I think then my first album. I think I will stay in the same direction creatively.

6. How have you gotten more of your fans – Facebook/Twitter or traditional word of mouth? Have you noticed anything different between these types of fans?

I have different types of fans. There are international ones that I hear from once in awhile. They are cool. I also have fans that are friends of mine from highschool and stuff. I also have a lot fans that are musicians.  I think it is just a personal experience for people with the music and I try not to get into the way too much. I have gotten more real fans from word of mouth and people that I have met in person. It is a journey we are on.

7. How do readers get in contact with you and what does 2013 hold?  They can send me an email at theharoldhoney@gmail.com.  Ill be doing some more touring in texas and also up around seattle and portland.

8. Are there any other factoids or bits of information about you that Neufutur readers should know about?

Yes I may show up in your town and play some music. I also may be on your local college radio station so listen and watch for Harold Honey-www.haroldhoney.com

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