Sazerac Rye 6 Year Old (90 Proof)



Sazerac Rye is priced at around $25 (well below comparable offerings in the Rye Whiskey segment), and represents a great addition to one’s liquor cabinet. The Sazerac 6 Year Old Rye has a delightful bronze / copper color that invites individuals in, while the initial sip links together the unmistakable whiskey burn with a peppery, spicy afterburn. As one continues to sip, notes of cloves and vanillas moderate the bold opening flavors. The warmth initially experienced will continue through the entire session with the 6 Year Old.

Sazerac Rye shines regardless of the method by which one experiences it. This means that it represents a hearty shooting spirit just as well as it does in a whisky sour or a Mint Julep. I feel that placement of the Sazerac 6 Year Rye into a mixed drink will create a fresh and unrivaled experience for even the most well-trod drinks. Alongside the smoke and spice flavors, a thin, acidic edge weaves everything together into a cohesive experience. Each note, each aspect to the Sazerac works in tandem to make this cohesive experience; facets are assertive without overwhelming the whiskey.

Make sure to pick up a bottle of Sazerac Rye at your local well-stocked liquor store. The nuanced flavor and assertive character of this whiskey makes this spirit into a must-try. Be on the lookout for the other Sazerac / Buffalo Trace efforts, and check out their website for more information about their ranges.

Rating: 9.2/10

Sazerac Rye 6 Year Old (90 Proof) / Whiskey /

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