How does TENS Treatment Work?

How does TENS Treatment Work?

Are you suffering from serious back pain? Then, the Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, also known as the TENS treatment, can be your best option. It is helpful in relieving intense and continuing pain through application of electrical pulses to the skin over nerves. A TENS unit is supposed to make use of impulses of varied wavelength and intensity level to alleviate pain by having a numbing impression on the responsible nerve.

Working of TENS Treatment:

Impacting the receptors at the end of the nerves, TENS medical treatment cuts down the pain by changing the senses organ and messengers liable for directing and receiving signals of the pain. As per the, TENS treatment electrodes utilize neural impulse to nerve tract that help in commanding and alleviating particular kinds of pain. TENS brings forth numbing results by triggering opioid receptors in the nerves. This trims down inflammation of nerves cell which carry pain info from the body.

Features of TENS Treatment:

  • The nerve stimulator machines run on electricity and comprise of a power unit comparative to a small mobile phone.
  • There are many wires attached to the TENS machine and the unit intended to clip on the belt contains numerous buttons for controlling the intensity of the signal and the recurrence wavelength.
  • The effect of the therapy is determined by the adjustments made in the proper way.

Advantages of TENS Treatment:

TENS treatment alleviates pain originating from muscular strains, and ligament injuries, continuing pain syndromes and numerous other preconditions.

As per the Patient UK, TENS machines are sought after for particular agonizing circumstances. This would suggest that they might have some utility to attenuate pain. The amount of pain it exempts may differ from individual to individual.

Misconceptions about TENS Treatment:

The acceptance of electrical muscle stimulation employing TENS units for strengthening muscles has multiplied with the launch of commercially usable TENS devices. The achievements of this equipment for tightening are disputable. As per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, such tools could be able to tone up muscle. Nonetheless, as of 2010, its usage for weight loss doesn’t have Food and Drug Administration approval. Also, the FDA has reported that it gets complaints of burn marks, aggravation and pain subsequent to the use of a few of such equipment. There have likewise been reports of injuries sourced from electronic intervention with pacemakers and other medical implants.


Opt for exclusively FDA-approved devices when buying TENS machines for pain relief. Give up utilizing your machine and visit your physician if you feel burning sensation, irritation or terrible pain. Do not apply around anyone with a pacemaker or other engrafted electric medical devices.

In case you are getting treatment subsequent to an injury, comply with the dictating physician’s orders and inform him or her if you observe any modifications in pain asperity or irritation.

If you have made up your mind in going for the TENS treatment, have you physician explain you how to use the TENS machine.

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