Wisconsinite Summer Weiss Beer


The Wisconsinite Summer Weiss Beer showcases the essence of beer, tying together fruit and spice flavors with a crisp and refreshing beer backdrop. The light straw head that comes with each pour obscures the light golden haze of the beer.

The inclusion of an unique yeast strain imbues Wisconsinite with an unparalleled flavor; there is a home-grown aspect that is only made more intense through the inclusion of primarily Wisconsin ingredients (barley, hops, and wheat were all sourced in-state).  There is a good balance of malt and orange, banana, and a woodsy flavor that reveals itself more with each sip. The specific constellation of factors in play changes with each sip, creating in Wisconsinite a scintillating and attention-worthy beer. Wisconsinite is a beer that works perfect with whatever it is paired with; we had luck with fish and chicken, but I feel that the beer’s palette-cleansing nature would pair it nicely with either beef or lamb.

The 4.2% ABV of Wisconsinite makes it into the perfect beer to just sit and sip. I believe that the nuanced flavor profile of the beer provides for a session that is continually fruitful. Check out the Lakefront Brewery website for a full listing of their beers and efforts to come this year. You can purchase Wisconsinite in bottles through the Midwest, east coast, and west coast or purchase kegs in Wisconsin.

Rating: 9.0/10

Wisconsinite Summer Weiss Beer / 4.20% ABV / Lakefront Brewery / http://www.lakefrontbrewery.com/

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